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How many bulbs in the light?
Our LED model has 16 LED boards with 20 chips each which produces same color and amount of light as original Impact™. That's bright enough to read newsprint more than 25 yards away!

Can I change the bulbs to incandescents?
Yes, but it is not recommended. The light will turn on and run with any bulb that has an Edison socket. Light will turn off the sockets (fan will still run) when the internal temperature senor sees ~160 degrees F. Once the senor cuts out, it will only reset once the temp sensor sees a lower temperature of around 112 degrees F.

How hot will the light get?
Light’s internal temp can get above 100 degrees F depending on ambient temperature and light bulbs being used.

What type of light do they give off?
It's called daylight (5000 degree K). It is the kind of light that comes through your window. It doesn't have the yellow color of incandescent bulbs.

How much does the light weigh?
The LED model weighs 9 pounds.

What are the dimensions?
Approximately 13 1/2" X 17". We made it so it could be passed through a stud wall. The normal distance between studs is 14 1/2".

Should I buy a tripod?
We highly recommend purchasing a tripod to maximize the light output. We offer a black aluminum tripod for $59 with the purchase of a light.

Does the In360light™ have a warranty?
Yes! The In360light™ has a Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers all defective parts and materials. Some exclusions apply. See warranty for details.

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