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Why do customers love our work light?

Read some of their reviews to see why customers love the In360Light™.

Frank L. | Electrical Contractor

Once you see how this light is built and what it does, it's the only way to go. One of these will last a lifetime. You can tell this was designed by someone who understands what is needed for a good work light.

Bob R. | Engineer

Good choice for the shell of the light, polycarbonate is virtually bullet proof.

Dale F. | Building Contractor

Great lighting concept! It's about time something else is out there to replace these hot and glaring halogens.

George M. | Homeowner

This light will solve all the problems the current lights have.

In360Light™ — bright, safe, convenient, and reliable.

Used by contractors, mechanics, homeowners, builders, and engineers all over the country.

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