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The all around better lighting solution.

Introducing the In360Light LED work light. The same portable, durable, and safe work light, now built with LEDs.

You get 6,000 lumens of light with our BigBright Light™ and 20,000 lumens of light with our Impact™ Series. Additionally, LEDs provide longer life, durability, and cost efficiency.

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In360Light™ is the Sturdy, Durable, Bright, Safe, Convenient Work Light

From a team of construction workers who needed a bright, safe, durable, and convenient work light.

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Work light Work
  • Lights up a workspace with 360 degrees of light
  • Creates no harsh shadows like the typical halogen light
  • Extremely durable work light
  • Lights up your garage or basement
  • Lightweight — use on tripod or hang by its straps
Recreational light Play
  • Backyards, decks, and driveways
  • Tennis, soccer, volleyball, or basketball
  • Swimming pools
  • Barbeques
  • Safe for kids and pets
Automotive work light Auto
  • Easily add light to an existing garage
  • 20,000 lumens give enough light to work under a hood
  • Portable and lightweight — move wherever you need it!
  • Freestanding on a tripod
  • Carrying straps for easy transportation

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